Our friendly team members will be dispatched to your house or flat, arriving either before the removal day or earlier in the day of the removal.

Our teams are on time, punctual, efficient, and polite and conscientious.
he Kothari Packers and Movers members sent to your house will pack everything you want packed, and they will do this carefully and thoroughly, making sure that all fragile items, such as glass dishes, are packed appropriately.

Should you choose to employ the services of a Kothari Packers and Movers team then you need not worry about packing all of your things and getting them from one location to another for all of this will be done for you, and you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that all your valued possessions are being handled professionally.
You will be free to think on other matters, such as the different, non-packing related, details of your relocation. This will give you the space you need – both the time and the mental space you require –to work out the details of your trip, and, should you desire, to relax a little before your journey.

Packing Services
We offer a great range of removal boxes, packing boxes and moving boxes to meet all your requirements. We offer various size removal boxes which are perfect for that big move between houses or our range of packing boxes to help with that quick unclutter around your home. All our moving boxes are brand new and constructed of a heavy duty cardboard fibre. This means you can re-use your packing boxes or hand your removal boxes onto your friends to use. Our moving boxes are tough and can be re-used many times over. We also offer a comprehensive range of accessories such as packing tape, fragile tape, labels, tape dispensers, mattress protection, lounge protection, zip bags, bubblewrap, butchers paper and marker pens. These accessories are a great help when packing boxes and moving boxes from house to house.

Check out our great range of removal boxes, wrapping, covers and accessories, perfect for moving home or putting things in to storage.

Do not risk by packing your valuable belongings in unsatisfactory used moving boxes and packaging materials. Using low-grade moving supplies can damage your valuables. Trust in move Removals to supply you with long lasting moving boxes and moving supplies which we can supply for many good reasons. Our moving boxes and moving supplies are prepared for effectiveness and built for ease. Unlike other moving supply and box companies, we do not issue one standard moving box size. Our pre-configured moving packs for your house, apartment, college, home or office contain a variety of large and small boxes, plus bubble wrap packs, markers, sealing tape, labels and more. Whether you are moving a dishwasher or a dish, plates or palletised goods, move Removals has the moving supplies you need which are reasonably priced. Move Removals can pack your entire office or household if you don’t have the time or inclination. We advise clients on what is best suited for their individual needs and even provide a full packing and unpacking service to make the process of moving easier and stress-free. Our products are of the highest standards and we assure our clients that we will handle their belongings with the utmost care. Our professional team of packers will wrap your items individually and with care, protecting valuable china, glassware or delicate treasures with specially designed boxes and packaging materials. Let move Removals take over the tiresome manual labour of moving, allowing you the time and luxury to enjoy the excitement of a new home or commercial venture. Alternatively, if you are the type of DIY enthusiast who prefers to meet the challenge of your removal personally, we are able to offer specialized packaging materials at competitive prices.


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